Work Day WOW from Artistic Director


I have been around Master Arts for a while. I have never seen what I saw this last Saturday. I’ve been to many work days, days set aside to clean, and get a little list of jobs done. I remember a “Spring Cleaning” day when there were only three of us cleaning.

The crowd that showed up on Saturday blew my mind. We had volunteers who were relatively new to Master Arts. We had volunteers who have been involved in Master Arts for over 30 years. We had people come from the church that worships here. We had people from our upcoming show, Twelve Angry Men. We had Youth Summer Stock kids show up with their parents. We had board members and office staff. We had actors, directors, and crew all bringing their families. We had all ages, from kids to senior citizens.

MJ and her brother went into every room and dusted for cobwebs. Jessica had a crew in the kitchen and organized and cleaned. You should see it now. Shaye and Susie led a crew that painted all the platforms we use as risers the same color. Jon led a group of people who organized space for multiple set pieces. There were so many people I didn’t know. Tim and John properly numbered the chairs in the auditorium. Two women scrubbed the bathrooms. The props that were left backstage from three shows ago were put back where they belong. Cathy helped me clean out the space to receive our new printer coming this week. JR and his kids made a huge dent out of the paint can mess. Every time I turned around Makenzie and Kim were cleaning something. AND SO MANY OTHERS.

I kinda felt sorry for Luke. He was trying to help clean, but he was constantly bombarded with people asking, “What can I do next?”

We are extremely grateful for our volunteers. They turned out in mass this weekend to make Master Arts a cleaner, better, safer place to experience theater.