A Look Back At See Rock City From Our Artistic Director Walt

By Walt Williams May 10, 2024.

I have performed many tasks at Master Arts, director, actor, props, set design, box office, lights, etc. I am proud of many achievements. But for the first time, I am proud of the sound design. Most sound effects in plays are phone ringing, doorbell, the simple stuff. In this show I was able, with help, to add some unique sound effects between scenes. Imagine sitting in the dark and hearing an old-fashioned radio come to life and you hear the original broadcast of the invasion of Normandy. Besides a car driving by, (multiple times) some amazing sounds happened during See Rock City.

Want to hear what the people said about the show?

“I want u to know we truly enjoyed yesterday’s matinee! The performance was just incredible; the chemistry between M&R was most prevalent! Super story. We need more feel-good plays like this.  I’m just so sorry I missed #1, and look forward to #3!”

For those who saw the show, I have to say… I’m sorry you have to wait so long to find out what happened. Gulf View Drive, the third of the series, is planned for June 19 – 28, 2025.

Will Raleigh make it in New York? Will May end up teaching second grade? How will Mrs. Gill endure? Will Ma Brummet ever teach May how to make a proper Lemon Meringue Pie? Will Treva ever come up on the porch or will she keep honking from the driveway?

All these questions and many more will be answered in the next exciting episode, June 19 – 28, 2025.