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CITA - Christians In Theater Arts

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The Great Lakes Conference
October 11th and 12th, 2013
at Spring Arbor University
More Info at sites.arbor.edu/cita

CITA National Networking Conference
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Each year CITA conferences bring together theatre professionals, drama ministers, educators and everyone in between. Incorporated in 1989, CITA is a non-profit organization dedicated to the service of Christians involved in theatre and related arts. The annual Summer Networking Conference provides scores of workshops and performances led by some of the best Christians involved in the performing arts. Past presenters include Jeannette Clift George, Paul and Nicole Johnson, and playwright Gil Elvgren. 

Script and performance companies, colleges & universities, and drama ministries set up displays each year. New play readings, auditions for positions with member theatre companies, and lots of fellowship time make a CITA National Conference a revitalizing experience. 

Previous conference cities include San Francisco, Houston, Chicago, Minneapolis, San Diego, St. Louis and Seattle. 

CITA's Mission

"To impact the world and further the Kingdom of God by encouraging and equipping Christians in the theatre arts."

CITA is...

  • a North American networking organization serving believers involved in the arts.

  • a 1000+ community of theatre professionals, educators, and vocationalists.

  • an information point for people involved in professional theatre, church drama, educational theatre, touring theatre, or community theatre.

CITA’S Organizational Goal

To aid Christian Theatre Artists by...

  • bridging their relative isolation: geographic, artistic, professional, cultural

  • improving the quality and credibility of theatre work done by Christians in North America

  • facilitating awareness of and interaction between Christian theatre artists

  • creating an atmosphere of acceptance for the wide diversity of theatre ministries

  • providing information, resources and support for Christian theatre artists

  • providing a forum for dialogue on issues important to Christians in the theatre arts.

CITA’S Unique Position

  • CITA is the only North American organization dedicated solely to networking Christian Theatre Artists.

  • CITA is not tied to a school, church, denomination, theatre or publishing company.

  • CITA is dedicated to the advancement of Christian artists in all theatrical disciplines.